Commercial Mortgages

If your business needs to buy your first premises, expand into a larger building or refinance your existing commercial mortgage at lower rates; we can help.

Typically, up to a maximum of 75% LTV, we have access to both the high street banks and the lesser known lenders to suit your requirements.

Bridging and Development Finance

Whether your property is taking time to sell, you're looking to do a light or heavy refurbishment or a ground up property development, there are a variety of products and structures available. 

This type of finance is used when a property is not yet in a mortgageable condition or requires a fast turnaround time – an auction purchase, for example. Rates typically start from 0.5% per month.

Business Loans

It's rare for the high street banks to lend on an unsecured basis, however there are a number of emerging lenders that do, especially to those companies that can demonstrate solid trading history. Business loan rates can vary hugely, depending on your circumstances, typically ranging from 2% over BoE base rate to 20%+ pa.

Buy to Let Mortgages

For those looking to purchase or remortgage a residential investment property, including a multi-unit block (MUB) or House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). 

Most lenders base the amount you can borrow against the property value and the expected rental income for the property.

Cashflow Finance

For companies operating business to business, invoice finance can allow you to use your unpaid invoices to borrow money upfront and repay it once the invoice is paid by your client.

For those businesses serving retail consumers paying by card, a merchant cash advance can allow you to borrow money against these payments.

Asset Finance

Funding secured against business assets other than bricks and mortar. 

“Hard” assets, which have high values and retain resale value, such as plant and machinery, commercial vehicles and construction equipment will benefit from preferred terms over “soft” assets, such as computer hardware and software or office furniture. We have lenders that can fund both.

How Will a Lender Assess My Application?

Every case is different. Many lenders will assess an application based on the “PARSER” mnemonic below. Some of the following questions are frequently asked by lenders to determine whether they are willing to lend to you and at what rates of interest:


  • What is your structure - are you a limited company or sole trader?

  • Do you have relevant experience?

  • A background to your trading history and recent financial results.

  • An overview of your assets and liabilities.

  • What is your credit history? (you can check your credit report here)


  • How much are you looking to borrow?

  • How much cash are you putting into the deal?

  • Is this enough to meet your needs?

  • What is the purpose of the required funds?


  • Can you afford repayments?

  • What is the achieved or projected rental income for the security property?

  • What are the historic and projected earnings of your business?

  • What is your income from other sources?

  • Do you have enough funds in reserve to cover rental void periods or a downturn in trading?


  • What available security do you have?

  • How much is the property worth that you are looking to secure?

  • Is the security property structurally sound and in a finished condition?

  • Is there anything that would make this property difficult to resell in the event of repossession?

  • Do you have any other business or personal assets available as security?

  • Are you a homeowner prepared to give a personal guarantee?


  • How quickly do you need the money?

  • Are you set to a fixed deadline?


  • What kind of interest rate makes this a good risk/reward?

  • Would you prefer to give more security to lower the interest rate?

  • What loan term are you looking for and when would you like it paid off?

Have Any Questions?