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As commercial finance specialists, we can provide help and advice on all types of business lending. There are many reasons to use a commercial finance broker, but here is why you should choose Edit Finance:

Reasons for using a commercial finance broker:

Reasons for choosing Edit Finance:

Saving you money

The expertise of a broker can help guide you through a crowded and complicated marketplace. The savings you can make by using a competent broker, able to source the lowest cost product, often far outweigh any broker fees that may be payable.

Someone in your corner

If your case does hit a bit of a stumbling block, a broker can help smooth out the process, speaking directly to a decision maker at the lender to iron out any issues.

Less admin for you

A good broker should be able to place your case with the correct lender first time, draft the application on your behalf and make sure your documents are what the lender is looking for; all saving you time and admin.

Sometimes, you have to

Many lenders aren't open to direct applications from the public – they will only accept qualified and packaged mortgage and loan proposals from specialist finance brokers.

We are a whole of market

We can access the necessary lenders to meet your business needs – many of whom you will have probably never heard of. As an Appointed Representative of AFS Compliance Limited, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can be sure we are acting in accordance with FCA rules and principles.

We are efficient

We respond quickly and have close relationships with lenders, understanding what they require as part of submitting an application. In addition, we can run pre-valuation checks with lenders, asking for a surveyor opinion on a property or the merits of your application before we submit it on your behalf, giving us the best chance of getting things right first time.

A service you can trust

Honesty, trust and integrity are our core values. For all of your business needs, you can deal with us from start to finish, ensuring a consistent and smooth process you can rely on.

We will get you the best deal

Ed has years of experience working in financial services, including time spent in the commercial divisions of HSBC and RBS. Together with a highly skilled back-office team, we can draw on this expertise to secure you the most suitable finance deal. We offer free consultations and our broker fees are low, fixed and transparent.

No Upfront Fees

We provide free consultations and do not charge up-front commitment fees or additional fees for our time.


We don't charge a broker fee for handling an unsecured business loan or cashflow finance application.


On residential investment property held within a limited company, our broker fees are as follows:

Loan Size

Below £100,000

Between £100,000 - £200,000

Above £200,000

Broker Fee



No broker fee

These fees only become payable when we secure you a formal offer for finance.


Note that these are a guideline only and a higher fee may be charged if your case is complicated or requires a regulated packager. This will be agreed with you before work on your application commences. We fully disclose to you what commission we may receive from a lender.

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